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Scrutiny & Performance

Reducing Crime

Total recorded crime increased by 4.2% (2,930 further crimes), although the Force continues to have one of the lowest crime rates in the country, placed 15th nationally.    Increases in violence against the person, sexual offences and criminal damage had the greatest contribution to the increase in total recorded crime.  Improvements in the crime recording standards also contributed to the increase in total recorded crime.

There were reductions in a number of offences, most notably:

  • Burglary dwelling (-5.9%)
  • Burglary OTD (-10.6%)
  • Vehicle crime (-6.7%)
  • Drug crime (-18.2%)
  • Theft of a pedal cycle (-12.5%)

Violence against the person (VAP) increased by 25.8% compared to last year; however, the Force continues to have a lower rate of VAP compared to many forces in England and Wales.  Northumbria is positioned 1st in its Most Similar Group (MSG) and 6th nationally.

The positive outcome rate for total recorded crime at 41.3%; the Force continues to have one of the highest positive outcome rates for total recorded crime in England and Wales.

Compliance with National Crime Recording Standards has improved during 2014/15 compared to the baseline set following Crime Data Integrity Inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.

Community Confidence

Public confidence remains high.  The percentage of people who think that the police can be relied upon to do a good or excellent job in their neighbourhood was 87.4% compared to 83.5% in 2013/14.  Likewise, the percentage of people agree that the police can be relied upon to sort out problems in their neighbourhood is 91.9%, compared to 91.6% in 2013/14.  The time spent by neighbourhood officers in their local area increased by 1%pt to 47% for 2014/15.

The number of new complaints recorded in 2014/15 was 1,016; an increase compared to 2013/14 (788).  The percentage of cases appealed in 2014/15 was 19%, similar to 2013/14 (18%), however, the percentage which were subsequently upheld reduced to 24%, from 44% in 2013/14.

HMIC PEEL Police Leadership and Legitimacy Report 2016

Correspondence from Commissioner Vera Baird to Chief Constable Steve Ashman, following the release of the above report can be accessed by clicking here.

The Commissioner is keen to keep local residents updated about the performance of Northumbria Police, how they are tackling specifics areas and, where appropriate improvement

Each of the sections will give you an insight in to how Northumbria Police is delivering against the targets set.  The information below gives you an overview of key trends and how the police is tackling issues.

Putting Victims First

Satisfaction levels increased compared to 2013/14; 89.3% of victims were satisfied with being kept informed of progress (compared to 87.3%) and 92.2% were satisfied with the overall service (compared to 90.3%).  The Force has the highest satisfaction levels in England and Wales for overall satisfaction and follow-up.  BME satisfaction is the second highest in the country.

These satisfaction levels reflect the focus on improving the service provided to victims.  During the year, the Force implemented the Quality of Service Commitment, which pledged to show RESPECT, based on the principles of Respond, Explain, Support, Professional, Empathise, Communicate and Timely.

Assessments of the service provided at the first point of contact has shown that Contact Handlers provided a courteous and professional service and collect sufficient information to make an initial decision about the caller’s vulnerability.  The standard of investigation plans and harm reduction plans has been consistently high throughout the year; however, victim contracts were assessed as meeting the standard on 74% of occasions.

Dealing With Anti Social Behaviour

The number of ASB incidents increased by 1.7% (1,288 further incidents) compared to last year.  Youth ASB has reduced by 10%, whilst non-youth ASB increased by 6%.

There were 32 ASB incidents identified where the caller was identified as vulnerable and required attendance within one hour, with 78% attended within the target time.

The percentage of ASB victims satisfied with the overall service has reduced compared to 2013/14 (from 91.0% to 89.1%); a statistically significant reduction.

Domestic and Sexual Abuse

The number of sexual offences increased by 80% compared to 2013/14, and rape offence increased by 135%, equivalent to 491 further crimes.  This increase follows the national trend and can be attributed to increased/encouraged reporting, improved recording practices and Operation Sanctuary.  In 2014/15, 93% or rape offences were recorded within 24 hours, with 53 offences recorded outside of 24 hours.  There have been four evidential no-crime decisions made for rape offences since August 2014.  All decisions met the standards laid out within the Home Office Counting Rules.