Vera Baird

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Community Confidence

Working together in Northumbria

As Police and Crime Commissioner, part of my role is to engage with the local community, to do this I hold public meetings, attend events to speak about policing and to listen to what local people say.  I write newspaper columns / articles for the media to promote the work that is happening in Northumbria.

I want the public to feel part of Northumbria Police – it is your force.  When considering the police element of the council tax, I asked the public to let me know their thoughts.  Knowing what local residents think, allows me to focus my thinking on how to deliver their requirements.

The Late Night Levy Partnership in Newcastle continues to go from strength to strength.  By liaising with the local authority, publicans and police, we have used the funding from the levy to provide extra visible resources in the city – I continue to support the work of the Street Pastors who work closely with the police and colleagues in the Safe Haven, whichis a staffed venue aimed at helping potentially vulnerable people late at night to provide somewhere to go if they have lost their friends or mobile and are unable to look after themselves.

Some of the ways i will continue to make a difference in 2015-16…

  • More visible and accessible neighbourhood policing teams that are based at convenient locations and use new technology to enhance their visibility;

  • Promoting opportunities for the public to be involved in local policing through volunteering;

  • Building on the success of the complaints system to increase satisfaction with the management of complaints; and

  • In 100% of complaint cases the investigating officer will make contact with the complainant within 24 hours of the registration of a complaint.

Community Confidence – Message from Vera Baird

The public in Northumbria are the heart of our force, under my leadership we will continue to ensure that residents have the confidence to report crime and we will always offer the support and guidance needed to help them through what can be a very traumatic time.

I want Northumbria Police to get it right, first time, every time.  I know at times this may not happen, but when we get it wrong we will do everything within in our power to put it right.  Complaints against the force aren’t a sign of weakness, they allow me to see where the public thinks improvements can be made.

I am tasked to ensure the police deliver a responsive service.  My Police & Crime Plan clearly stipulates how this will be achieved.

In my Police and Crime Plan I promised to make a difference by:

  • Ensuring the police are highly visible in the community and engage with communities and build relationships;

  • Addressing your local road safety concerns;

  • Improving the way complaints against the police are handled;

  • Driving the implementation of neighbourhood management models; and

  • Relentlessly focusing on those involved with organised crime.

During 2014-15 I have worked towards these promises and have

  • Ensured neighbourhood teams are accessible by reviewing Area Command engagement strategies and improve the identification of community needs and issues.

  • Improved engagement with the LGBT communities by working with Northumbria Police to introduce 30 LGBT Liaison Officers to promote awareness of LGBT issues, encourage reporting of homophobic/transphobic crime and help ensure a victim led approach.

  • Worked with Northumbria Police to develop a Volunteers Strategy that promotes opportunities for the public to be involved with policing.

  • Continued to work to drive up the standards in the police and reconnecting the public to the police encouraging mutual respect and support for each other’s position by launching an internal campaign on the Code of Ethics.