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Workplace Domestic Violence Champions

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Employers have a responsibility to provide staff with a safe working environment and we know that for some staff the workplace can be the only safe haven from domestic abuse and violence.

Our Commissioner, Vera Baird, welcomes the commitment Work Place Domestic Violence Champions make to supporting employers in accepting their responsibility and celebrates the pioneering work place Domestic Violence Champions do to advocate the policies aims and objectives amongst their colleagues.

Vera’s words to Champions

“Thank you for committing to the role of Work Place Domestic Violence Champion over the past 18 months we have built our Champions from an idea to a network we should all be proud of. We have in the region of 600 champions from public, voluntary and community and Private organisations.”

If you would like to become a champion of Domestic Violence within your work place or speak with someone about the role, please email: [email protected]

We are promoting the importance of employers to appear Domestic Violence Champions within the workplace to raise awareness around the issues of DVSA and guiding people towards specialist services. Champions can access training and resources via our champions’ network to help and support colleagues.

WorkPlace Domestic Violence Champions Role and Responsibilities:

  • Act as a conduit for information between their organisation and the Champions Network, as necessary.

  • Be a point of contact for their organisation for information relating to Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse (DVSA)

  • Raise awareness and enhance the overall level of knowledge of DVSA within their organisation.

  • Ensure up to date and accessible information is available in relation to support services for victims.

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