Vera Baird

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Reducing Crime

  • WORKED with others to tackle the most prolific offenders of crime with area commands working closely with partners in the Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) to manage offenders within neighbourhoods.  

  • STRENGTHENED crime recording by training for sergeants to ensure that they understand and scrutinise crime recording by their teams giving local people confidence in Northumbria Police.  

  • LOBBIED the Home Secretary to bring about a ban of legal highs and for legislation to be passed to tackle those who sell such products.


Working together in Northumbria

In our region the police work hard to prevent crime, but as you appreciate this is a huge task and no one partner can do it on their own.

The force continues to monitor crime trends and patterns and prioritises resources to address those crimes that cause the greatest harm and concern to communities.  Burglary is a crime that can affect anyone. When the police notice an increase in home burglaries they implement an active awareness campaign where they focus resources on known burglars and monitor their whereabouts.

Northumbria Police work in close partnership with other agencies such as Age Concern and Local Authorities to ensure residents understand the need to take a few moments to keep their possessions safe.

Some of the ways i will continue to make a difference in 2015-16

  • Continuing to reduce the number of burglary dwelling offence;

  • Ensuring the implementation of the area command “Preventing Crime Strategy” has been implemented;

  • Encouraging increased reporting of under reported crimes, such as Female Genital Mutilation, Child Sexual Exploitation, Human Trafficking and Hate Crime

  • Working with partners to tackle offenders, particularly those who are most prolific and cause greatest harm to our communities;

  • Working with partners to improve criminal justice related systems to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

Reducing Crime – Message from Vera Baird

We know that Northumbria has one of the lowest crime rates in the country however it is important to continue to seek to reduce crime and those crimes that have a particular cause for concern and impact badly in a personal way.

In my Police and Crime Plan I promised to make a difference by:

  • Promoting crime prevention to reduce crime and its impact and cost

  • Working with partners to cut crime and reoffending

  • Bringing Community Safety Partnerships closer together across boundaries

  • Enhancing investigations of serious violence, burglary, hate crime and rural crime to solve it and deter offenders.

  • Boosting support for victims of these crimes to enable them to pursue their case to court and obtain satisfaction and justice.

  • Targeting alcohol related crime and disorder.


During 2014-15 I have worked towards these promises and have

  • ENSURED all reported crime is tackled, with a particular focus on those crimes that have the worst impact on people, such as burglary dwelling and alcohol related violence.  .

  • PROMOTED and ensured integrity in crime recording by ensuring Northumbria Police conduct a weekly audit of incidents which do not result in a crime report, to ensure the decision is correct and supported by sufficient rational; with key learning points circulated via Area Command Senior Management Teams.

  • ENSURED all repeat victims of crime are reviewed by Northumbria Police and where they are needed harm reduction plans are implemented to reduce further harm.

  • CONTINUED to work closely with Newcastle Council to invest funding from the late night levy to provide a Safe Haven vehicle staffed by Paramedics for anyone who has become vulnerable on a night out.

  • ENCOURAGED victims to report traditionally under reported crime such as domestic abuse, crime and sexual offences by engaging with hard to reach groups and identifying reporting barriers.