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Police & Crime Commissioners are regularly asked to provide comment to various government proposals and legislation. The OPCC regularly ask local residents to comment on proposals. See the consultations and responses here.

Northumbria PCC Consultation Responses – November 2020 30th November 2020

In November 2020, the PCC provided a response to the consultations detailed here.

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Northumbria PCC Consultation Responses – October 2020 30th October 2020

In October 2020, the PCC provided a response to the consultations detailed here.  

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Northumbria PCC’s response to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government consultation on support for victims of domestic abuse in safe accommodation 2nd August 2019

This consultation welcomed views on the future delivery of support to victims and their children in accommodation-based domestic abuse services in England. Please click the following link to view the PCC’s response to this consultation: OPCC Response to MHCDLG Consultation...

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Northumbria PCC’s response to the public consultation on Mental Health Conditions and Disorders: Draft Legal Guidance 4th June 2019

The CPS launched a public consultation on a proposed revision of its Legal Guidance on prosecuting defendants with mental health issues. The consultation sought views on four main areas of the proposed revisions to the guidance: Information prosecutors need...

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Northumbria LCJB’s response to the Home Office consultation ‘Serious Violence: New Legal Duty to Support Multi-agency Action’ 24th May 2019

The Home Office sought views on options to support a multi-agency approach to preventing and tackling serious violence. The approach includes options for the introduction of a new legal duty and a non-legislative option for partners to work together...

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