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There are also many discussions, visits and challenges that take place every day; bringing these together as part of my scrutiny programme helps me to be confident that the police and other key partners focus on the key issues that the people of Northumbria have identified as important.

All key decisions that I take are recorded (here) alongside evidence and explanations that help you to understand why a decision has been reached – this information is then published on my website for you to read and lean about.

I do not do this job alone, I have a small team of dedicated staff that work alongside me to ensure that the plan is delivered and all of my statutory duties are met with regard to things such as Freedom of Information requests, police appeals tribunals and access to information.

The Northumbria Police and Crime Panel

The Panel scrutinizes my work in a challenging and supportive way, helping to ensure I carry out my role effectively. I regularly present my work to the Panel and have actively included them in my key decisions around the budget and future priorities. The Panel is made up of local politicians and independent people all working together to oversee my work and make Northumbria even safer.  If you would like to find out more about the work of the panel please visit

Joint Independent Audit Committee

Along with the Chief Constable, we have a Joint Independent Audit Committee to consider the financial governance, assurance, risk management and statutory financial duties for both the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Office of the Chief Constable.  These meetings are held in public and previous minutes and agendas can be found here.

Sharing best practice – I work closely with my fellow Police and Crime Commissioners across the country and the North East to share best practice and encourage innovation.  In the past year many other commissioners offices have visited Northumbria to learn from us the work we are doing to end violence against women and girls, to safeguard people in the night time economy and the good work we are doing to improve and put people first in the police complaints system.

Reviewed December 2016

Since I became Police & Crime Commissioner in November 2012,  I have endeavored to ensure that Northumbria Police deliver the priorities set for them in my Police and Crime Plan.

I work closely with Local Authorities and Community Safety Partnerships on our joint aims and with criminal justice agencies to ensure and effective and efficient criminal justice system.

In the last year as Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria I have carried out my statutory duties and have held the Chief Constable to account for the provision of an efficient and effective police service where residents feel safe both at home and on our streets.   Throughout this website you can read how I do this.

I have ensured that the Police and Crime Plan that you helped write,  and other key commitments have been delivered across Northumbria.  I do this in many different ways which all form part of my scrutiny programme.

Some examples of my scrutiny programme include:

  • Meeting the Chief Constable, Mr Steve Ashman,  every fortnight to discuss important issues like local priorities, crime levels, budgets and new ways of working.

  • Attending the Northumbria Police senior management board every month to find out how the police are delivering the Police and Crime Plan and truly making a difference for the communities in Northumbria.

  • Informal conversations with frontline officers of all ranks to get the story ‘from the coalface’.

  • Working closely with key police leads to discuss in detail police performance and crime levels, looking to provide solutions and proposals for future action.

  • Regularly scrutinising ‘out of court disposals’ alongside criminal justice partners.

  • Receiving reports from volunteer Independent Custody Visitors who visit people detained in custody suites throughout Northumbria.

  • Working with members of my Independent Scrutiny Panel who examine complaints upheld against Northumbria Police by the Independent Police Complaints Commission to identify trends and areas for improvement.

  • Meeting with the Police Federation, Supers Association, Unison and GMB to discuss trade union and staff association issues.